Welcome to the Voodoo Wiki!

Welcome to the Voodoo Wiki. This site is a complete database on Haitian mythology, New Orleans Voodoo and West African Vodun that anyone can edit. For those who are curious about the religion or culture.

Haitian Vodou

Influence of Voodoo from Africa

Haitian Vodou is a syncretic religion based on West African Vodun, practiced chiefly in Haiti and the Haitian diaspora. Practitioners are called "vodouists" (French: vodouisants [voduizɑ̃]) or "servants of the spirits" (Haitian Creole: sèvitè).

What Voodoo is NOT

Voodoo composes of the traditional religion, culture and mythology of the Haitian diaspora. It descended from the slaves brought over from Africa. Despite demonization in the outside world, Voodoo is not Satanism nor is it black magic.

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