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An Asson is a very sacred and revered tool in Haitian Vodou and traditionally it's made of a "Calabash Gourd" that'

s decorated with glass beads and snake bones. The Asson it's self has become quite a famous symbol of Vodou and is used by Mambos and Hounghans of Asogwe standing to salute the four directions.


The Asson it's self can also be used to help bring on a blanket possession of the area effecting all in the immediate vicinity. Those who have reached Asogwe status and have had the Asson presented to them by Papa Loco Himself will have learned how to communicate with the sacred rattles in a style called "talking Asson". Having the Asson bestowed upon a person also grants them all the rights and responsibilities of a senior Vodou Practitioner and therefore grants them access to all the spirits of the house to which they're initiated, which in turn allows them to work with and fall upon them with ease.


Don't just buy or make one of these and try fool the Lwa. The salute is kind of a conversation through dance and if you reply wrong and upset them, well, is not good. Also please note that only the Rada and Nago Nation of Lwa are honoured by using an Asson. This is because the Asson it's self comes from the Dahomey where it was named the "Asogwe"