Agassou (also Ati-A-Sou) is a loa, or deity, who guards the old traditions of Dahomey in the West African Vodun


religion and the rada loa of Haitian Vodou.

Agassou is the product of a divine mating—his mother was a princess and is said to have mated with a leopard, giving birth to Agassou. Agassou is further noted as ruler and king of a particular sect in Africa that has come to be known as the Leopard Society. His brothers were also to have been the progeny of divine matings. Their lineage, their royal regalia, and their legacy are still held by the Leopard Society of West Africa. In that society, the men take their lineage from the clan of Agassou. His shield and his spear are still guarded today—gifts that are said to have been given to him by his angelic father.

As such, Agassou is then the first human who can be traced back to see how he ascended to the status of Lwa. In the Priyere, he is called him "Houngan Agassou de Bo Miwa", in honor of his work as both a Priest/King and a magician. His spears and shield are still in ancient Dahomey which is Benin today.

In Rada, he's referred to as Ati-Agassou, in Petro Hougan Agassou.

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